Personal Nature Experiences

Growing up in an urban environment, I have had few very meaningful encounters with nature. Despite this, my family tried their best to instill a love of nature into me and this included our yearly camping trip to Pennsylvania. There are a lot of things I loved about going camping, but one thing that stands out the most to me was my ability to touch and interact with bugs while I was there. I wouldn’t dare touch a bug I found in my backyard, but in the camping context, it was different. My favorite insect to play with was a fuzzy little caterpillar. Although I was only a child, like Robin Wall Kimmerer with the ducks, I felt this maternal instinct to take care of the caterpillars and not harm them. This was extremely opposed to my bad habit of killing bugs at home. Overall, I truly believe these camping trips were what helped me develop my love for the environment and my desire to protect it.

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