Learning from Peers – Environmental Themed Video Games

While going through a few of my peer’s websites, I encountered a lot of interesting information and opinions on environmental issues discussed in class. One thing that stood out to me was a post on Jared’s website about a computer game called Civilization VI. It is a game that gives players control over their own empire, including the struggle of using resources and emitting greenhouse gases. This is very fascinating to me because it shows people how difficult it is to create a “perfect” world, while also depicting the scary outcomes of not trying hard enough. Video games are honestly the last thing I think of when talking about the media’s portrayal of global warming. This is why I was surprised to read another post by a different classmate on a video game as well. Gabby wrote about a game called, Bee Stimulator on her website. This particular game puts players into the perspective of a tiny bee that travels to different places. Its main goal is to educate people about the dangers bees currently face and to appreciate their work on the natural world. It is nice to know that there is some representation on environmental subjects in the video game realm and that people are able to get first hand simulated experience on today’s issues. Although, I’m not one to play video games often, reading these posts definitely made me curious and excited to learn more.


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